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The Solution to Floor Mat
Heel Wear.

Floor mat heel spots: your carpet's achilles heel

For years, the floor mat has been the most vulnerable area of your cars interior. As you drive, your foot digs into the carpeting, causing irreversible damage on the mat.


MatRx is the world's first solution that directly addresses this issue. By creating a slim pad made out of durable, rubber like material, you get the benefits of a rubber mat, without the wasted material or cost. 

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Featuring 3M Adhesive

Thanks to precision cut, carpet-formulated adhesive, installation takes only a few seconds. It attaches to any automotive carpeted floor mat, and yet is easily removable if desired by the customer.

No rivets, screws,  or holes necessary

Beautifully Compliments your Original Mats

The slim, compact design of MatRx allows it to match any floor mat like it was designed with one from the factory (and it should have been!) 

We set out to give drivers a way to protect their mats from wear, without sacrificing the look of their mats. Aftermarket mats are unsightly. With MatRx, you can continue using your factory mats. 

Unobtrusive Design

Our primary concern when designing MatRx was one thing: it must never interfere with the driving experience.

When testing, we realized just how unobtrusive it was with proper placement; we realized that MatRx is a truly 0 compromise solution to floor mat heel spots. 

Rated 4.5+ on Amazon (85+ Reviews)

"I had the good fortune of finding MatRx. For $10 I can finally appreciate my carpet mats without worrying about destroying them. I’m ordering this as a stocking stuffer for everyone in my family. It was easy to install and you can’t feel it at all when driving. What a clever product!"

"As a driver with long legs, I often have to plant my heel to alternate between pedals. This wore through a new mat in just a few years. The MatRx not only covered the wear, the support makes driving more comfortable. This is a steal for under $20."

"It is working. Time will tell how well it will hold up. But for now, no more hole in my Sienna carpet. It looks nice and works fine. Will update my review after using it for a couple of months."

-Susan G.

-Owen R.

F. X.

Fed up with floor mat heel spots? 

...I was, too.

Through my years as a professional detailer, every car I worked on seemed to have heel damage to a varying degree. On newer cars, the fibers were matted down, gritty and frayed. On cars that were around 2 years or older, the carpets were frequently worn down to the rubber base, or into a hole. The hundreds of cars in this state is what led to the idea of MatRx.

The idea is simple and my goal from the first day is unaltered: develop a simple, inexpensive, but well-made product that effectively prevents this issue, that must not affect the driving experience at all. And after months of development, testing, sales and revisions, it's here.

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